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"That one looks nice." The 16 year old Sasha said. "But ma'mm," The Kennel Guard said with an eyebrow raised. "I'm not even sure that's a cat. But whatever you say." The vet took the creature out of the cage. When Sasha looked at it, it reminded her of her favorite Pokémon, Meowth. As she gleefully bought it, she was excited to get a pet. As she pulled into the driveway of her house, in 5 second she was in her house and ready to see her new cat. On her couch, she put the carrier on her lap and unlocked it. As the cage door popped open, the cat's head popped out, Sasha grabbed it and hugged it so tight. She invited her friend, Sirena, over to see it. When Sasha invites Sirena in, they both squealed in delight. "OMG OMG you have it you have it! I only thought they were imaginary it even has the gem on it's head!!!" Sirena screamed. "I know!!! And only $50 bucks!!!" Sasha replied.When sasha picked the Meowth up, it accidentally scratched it's claw against her thigh. "Ow!" she screamed. "Are you okay, sasha?" Sirena asked. "Yeah." As she reached down to feel the wound, Sirena screamed. "Sasha!!! What happened to your eyes???!!!" "What? I didn't do anything." Sirena pulled out a hand mirror. Sasha screamed as she glared at her pupil, she saw it was thin, like a cat's. "AAAAH!!!!!! What's happening???!!!" Sasha screamed in horror. Sirena sat with her mouth open, as Sasha's ears began to stretch. Sirena and Sasha looked at Sasha's hands, as the index finger and ring finger formed into 3 fingers. As Sasha grew whiskers, Sirena was on the verge of fainting. Sasha felt a lump in her pants, and a tail shredded the back part of her pants. Her feet, lengthening,burst out of her Converse. It revealed two tan, long legs and pink paw dots on the bottom, along with her hands. Sashes two Canone teeth grew longer and became fangs. And lastly, Sasha's hair fell out and she shrunk. Sirena, shaken with fear, ran out of the house and drove away,, leaving the now Meowth Sasha alone in the house, with her memory gone.
You just got pwned FTW!!!!
billycosun Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2011
hmmm interesting very interesting
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